IPOB: What People Must Know About Biafra And Israel Relationship (Must Read)


I do understand that Biafran people after the civil war lost interest in playing strategic politics to a politics of stomach infrastructure. Prior to the war as I read our fathers were more into strategic politics, that is politics of strategically positioning themselves and their region in political mainstream. Unfortunately and regrettably the post civil war system ruined the whole value political system to what we have today where individualism is entrenched at the slaughter of communual projection. It unarguably takes an effort from IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu to define a common front for our peoples once again.

Most of us want freedom but lack the internal decorum and prowess to formulate, review and strategically launch surgical ops thats result is well oriented. Take for instance you hear people talking of war or arm struggle without them knowing how arms market, forex trade, global intels and geopolitics work. When you try to fix their mind soft pride embedded in them becomes too repulsive to knowledge. How would one with such naivety in realities would want us to listen to him/her on such a sensitive Biafran project? Disaster!

Prior to now, I have been yearning for the struggle to get international attention not just via global citizens reading, listening and watching our campaigns on Biafra restoration, but having a strong country’s back up. Not just by mere oral submission but actions. I once discussed this concern with one of us in the media echelon of this struggle which we discussed and prayed that ChiukwuokikeAbiama assists us getting this contact pronounced. Few months later, I got to know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had arrived in Israel, and that got my tensed mind down and relaxed. “If he has gotten to Israel, the struggle is defined”! I told my comrade.

I laughed and sometimes get unexpressed anger at our people’s deep ignorance of what we got on platter of gold. We are abusing what we have (Israel contact) because most of us never know what it cost Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership to activate such contact many countries like USA, EU, Brazil, India and even Britain are falling on Jerusalem floors to get. When a concept is not understood, abuse is inevitable. Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India etc spend billions of dollars seeking for Israel’s attention while you who got it today is busy fooling yourself. No wonder Africans are hotbed for retrogression.

State actors despite their heavy lobbies don’t easily get in Israel’s expert in their interests sectors, but ChiukwuokikeAbiama has through His servant Nnamdi Kanu allowed us to get this global treasure with less stress. I wish I can write an extensive book on the present diplomatic moves of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu and the possible projection, but some constraints is an impediment. Our people’s lack of knowledge of diplomatic moves makes them hopeless like fishes relocated from water to sand. If I have my way, I would have pen down in a book, what I think Nnamdi Kanu has done and is doing at the bewilderment of most of us here.

It is true that Nnamdi Kanu earlier talked of war if the need be. But do you think federal government has not done enough for us to go violent even if not full war? What stopped Nnamdi Kanu from declaring war as some of you wished he would have done? The thing that stopped him is the information at his disposal which is not for general consumption. That information is called intels which most times are classified. Let me me share this for you, are you aware that most arms bought by Nigeria government with the claim to use them for Boko Haram are shipped down to attack Biafrans. How would you have curtailed it that Biafra would go to war without strong arrangement on food and arm supplies? Same you mouthing war here will be the first to insult IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu.

If there is anything Nigeria is not happy today over IPOB, it is the later’s refusal to play into the Nigerian built gallery. The best way to defeat your enemy is to define a war theatre on environment his is not familiar on. To me, that unfamiliar environment for Nigeria IPOB has now is diplomatic play. It is said, “war is a failed diplomacy” and not “diplomacy is a failed war”. If we could make these headways diplomatically when we are not into war with Nigeria, that should be commended.

Most of us shouted “heeeeeey” the very day they learnt of Nnamdi Kanu appearing in Jerusalem, but never subjected their minds on how Nnamdi Kanu was evacuated and what international contact that shielded him to travel from Biafraland to Israel with global cooperation. Why did not international immigration law impinged on his movement if he is an ordinary fellow like me. Why did Interpol cooperated with the whole directives and must have giving the directives for his free and smooth movement? May be your village town chairman! Blacks most times are to scaring to think alright!!

So you can enter Israel without any documents without Israeli government knowing? You own a radio station in Israel without Israeli government knowing? Spoke on Israel national media platforms unknowingly to Israeli government cooperation? For those of us waiting for when Nnamdi Kanu will post on his facebook page or twitter account, his photo with Benjamin Netanyahu or when Benjamin Netanyahu call Biafra that is when you will appreciate what Nnamdi Kanu is doing. Diplomacy is not run that way. Nnamdi Kanu is privately meeting those needed to be met. His meeting off cameras are more than the ones you are showed. So keep your pessimism for yourself while we keep our optimism for ourselves.

I would have outlined what Israel can help us achieve and how they can, but due to it sensitive nature, I will drop my pen here while we watch.

Culled From Chika Austin

Aiden Kings
Aiden Kings is an investigative writer & a fanatical activist.... You can reach me VIA kingszyk89@gmail.com

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    Herbert Anigwe

    January 26, 2019 at 6:32 am

    My brother I wish every other biafrans will understand like you. Thank you very much for your enlightenmenlightenment. All hail biafra. God bless you. God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. God bless IPOB.

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