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Biafra Referendum: What Every Biafran Media Should Do (Must Read)

As Biafra referendum date draws closer, some people keep wondering what the outcome may be while some have zealously determined not to vote for any Nigerian politics leader as 16th of February was also mapped out as the Nigeria presidential election.


According to IPOB Media Warlord (Emeka Gift)….






The battle for liberty continues



I must have to applaud to IPOB media warriors, truly I love your resilience, Nigeria government played a very fast one on our people and few were trapped. They played a very perfect game to destroy IPOB but if not that IPOB was strongly rooted they would have succeeded in using our people to destroy us. But I am glad they are fading away and most of our people are coming back to their senses. Thanks to our media warriors that stood their ground and fought gallantly. The battle is not yet over, the storm is yet to settle. I encourage IPOB million media warriors to rise and defend the legacy we all built with the blood of our fallen heroes and heroes who fall defending this struggle. NEVER GIVE UP , WE HAVE NEVER BEEN DEFEATED AND CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED. We must win this battle because our future, the future of our children and unborn children depends on it. Never be discouraged, never allow an inconsequential VP slot to take your minds away from the real goal which is BIAFRA. WE MUST WIN! WE MUST WIN! WE MUST WIN FOR BIAFRA! ……………………


God is our strength ……….

The battle for freedom continues.


Aiden Kings

Aiden Kings

Aiden Kings is an investigative writer & a fanatical activist.... You can reach me VIA kingszyk89@gmail.com

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