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Biafra: Akwa-Ibom Court Adjourn IPOB Case While Members Are Still Languish In Prison

Akwa-Ibom 17: Court Adjourns Matter, To Enable Filing Of Counter Affidavit By Respondents And Issuance Of Hearing Notice

18th July 2019

A High court sitting in Ikot-Ekpene Akwa-Ibom State, has adjourned the matter of 17 IPOB Bail applicants to 8th Of August 2019.

At exactly 10:38am the hearing of Bail Application for the IPOB applicants, proceeded after the mention of the matter as number Six in the Court list, by IPOB Legal Counsel Barrister Chijioke Ogeh from Ifeanyi Ejiofor Chambers who appeared for all the applicants.

The absence of the applicants did not impede Court proceedings, as the presiding Judge entertained the arguments of both Respondents and legal representative of the Applicants.

“My Lord it is an application for Bail and the said application has been dully served, thus we are ready to proceed,” stated by IPOB Legal counsel.

The Judge: “What happened on the 1st of July at the magistrate court?”

“My Lord our Bail application at the magistrate court, was turned down despite the fact they have the jurisdiction to grant Bail as the Law implies, since the charges does not attract Death penalty, but we are in High Court, hence there is no need referring to proceedings of Magistrate court.”

Prosecuting counsel who objected the Application stated; “My Lord we are not ready for this matter and needs Time to file our counter affidavit.”

“My Lord the State counsel is too aggressive, to oppose this application, by saying they are not ready. This application was filed and dully served to them. They were given enough time to file whatever they wish to, that is if they have any.
Let us look at the situation surrounding this case, the applicants were arrested with Gallons of Palm Wine and Colanut, in a Bus conveying them to their destinations, which does not warrant their lengthy incarceration. My Lord there is prove of service before the court and we ask that the court grant this very application today.”

Judge: “Thank you, but my duty is to be at the middle of the case and make the hearing fair.
If i was sitting in Uyo, I will listen to you.
The office of the DPP, Commissioner Of Police is in Uyo not Ikot-Ekpene and before those two offices come down, it will take time. So if you were me, will you be in a hurry to rule? I am making rulings based on what is here, so let me see if One week time requested by the DPP will be alright to file a counter affidavit, before the next adjourned date 8th August 2019.”

“My Lord, we ask for a shorter date, but since its the only available date, we shall go by it, says counsel for the applicants.”

The court gave the respondents One Week Ultimatum to a counter affidavit and order a hearing notice be served served to the respondent. The matter was then adjourned adjourned to 8th Of August 2019.

Ibeh Gift Amarachi reporting For Family Writers Press/IPOB Legal Team

Aiden Kings

Aiden Kings

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