Just In!!! South East Govs. In A Crucial Meeting Over Insecurity



The Governors of the five South Eastern states of the country are currently holding a crucial meeting to discuss issues relating to security at Enugu State government house.

The Governors are also expected to deliberate on the economic development of the region, regional integration and efforts to perfect the take-off plan of the proposed Free Trade Zone in Enugu state.


The governors who are currently meeting in Enugu would be tasked with the challenge of ensuring the region’s economic development is strengthened.


The five south east state executives are expected to device mechanism that will further sustain the zone’s lead role of sustainable economic development of the country.

The governors are also expected to discuss issues that will foster virile socio-economic tie of the south east with other regions in the country.

The Governors of Enugu, Ebonyi and Abia are present for the meeting while Abia and Anamabra state Governors are represented by their deputies.

Aiden Kings
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