Just In! IPOB Deputy Leader React Over Sowore’s Arrest By DSS

The Deputy leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Uche Okeafor Mefor has responded to the arrest of Sowore over planned revolution in Nigeria.

His Statements Reads:



Regardless of the shinanighans , the godforsaken Lugardian project must fall. The purported arrest of Sowore should be a wake up call for genuine freedom lovers across board in that hellish contraption called Nigeria. Biafrans don’t betray, if the west and the middle belt are serious, these Fulani Janjaweed terrorists in charge of our daily affairs cannot get away with this. It shall be a combination of paralysis of both economic and government activities and staging of revolutionary protests from these axisis ( Middlebelt, South west and the whole of Biafraland). Despite the reservations on the announcement of the date for this “revolution”,in advance, Biafrans would not close their eyes, they shall always fight injustice wherever they see it, this is one such injustice with its attendant inhumane and degrading treatment against the oppressed. MACBAN’s terror military wing (Fulani Herdsmen) have on occasions threatened everyone on national television and they were celebrated as “Nationalists and Patriots”, the oppressed woke up to their excesses and they are being mowed down. Yoruba youths and their political class must get ready this time around (only and only if) they are serious!

Aiden Kings
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