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UNN Faculty Election Gone Wild After Attempted Rigging

The faculty of social sciences, University Of Nigeria Nsukka election which was held today been 12th September 2019 was declared inconclusive after one of the presidential candidates (Hilary)from Political science connives with some of the lecturers in the said department and also with the formal faculty president of the faculty to rig the election.

Ballot boxes and ballot papers were duplicated and with already prepared vote assigned in favor to the presidential candidate from Political science.

Luck ran out from them when it was discovered that the materials supplied for the election was different from the other. Students from other departments apart from Political science were also not allowed to go into the faculty where the election was going on in order to cast their votes.
It’s said that only the department of political science produces candidates every year and it’s as a result of cheating.

This immediately resulted into a fight as students from other departments were totally against it properties was been damaged and the formal president was immediately dealt with. How ever he managed to escape alongside with the lectures but they were later caught and handed over to the security. No life was recorded lost as of the time of this publication.
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Aiden Kings

Aiden Kings

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