2023: Edwin Clark Warns North, West To Steer Clear, Insist Presidency For Igbos

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A nationalist who served under former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, as Federal Commissioner for Information, Chief Edwin Clark, during an interview, speaks on the need for true federalism and why zoning of the nation’s presidency is paramount among other issues.

He went further to lament on true federalism amongst all political classes in the country. True federalism is not far-fetched. We believe Nigeria would go into more crises without true federalism.

You remember that, in 2014, we had the National Conference which had about Four Hundred And Ninety Two delegates drawn from across the country. We sat for four months and produced six hundred recommendations. If implemented, we will not be facing what we are facing today.

Aiden Kings

Aiden Kings

Aiden Kings is an investigative writer & a fanatical activist.... You can reach me VIA kingszyk89@gmail.com

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